• Padded Weapons Divider and Adjustable Weapons Hold Down Straps*
  • Non-Skid Adjustable Removable Shoulder Strap and Drag Handle
  • Inside Flap Covered Pistol Pouches
  • 2 Long Pockets for Scope, Tripod, Etc.
  • Vertical Pocket for Spotting Scope and Large Outside Zippered Pouch

The Voodoo Tactical .50 Calibre Rifle Drag Bag was designed at the request of big bore shooters who liked the functionality of our sniper rifle drag bag, but wanted a larger version for their longer, heavier weapons.

The Voodoo Tactical design team went back to the drawing board and developed this bag to hold the Barrett Model 82A1, Barrett M107A1, Unlimited Accuracy AMAC T50, Cobb FA 50T, LAR Grizzly T-50, Windrunner Model 99, and other large-bore firearms with an overall length less than 60 inches. In fact, with exterior dimensions of 63″ long by 13 ” high by 8″ wide, the bag is designed to fit these weapons with a 50 or 56mm objective lens scope attached.

But it is not just the size of the bag that is designed to accommodate these large rifles; the four exterior pockets are designed with these guns in mind as well. The exterior features an 18″x5″x2.5″ bipod pouch, an 18″ x 3″x 2.5″ spotting scope pouch, and two additional pouches for spare magazines, night vision gear, binoculars, or other accessories. Internally, the bag features a cleaning rod pouch down its spine to hold a full-length cleaning rod, a removable pocket for break-down cleaning rods, two pistol pouches, and tie-down straps. MOLLE-compatible webbing inside and out allows you to attach other pouches and gear as you see fit.

Should you wish to carry a second weapon for close quarter combat, the drag bag has a compartment for a second rifle with a padded divider between the two compartments and separate tie-down straps.

The versatility of the drag bag is demonstrated by the multiple modes of carry it offers. As the name implies, you can use the drag handle or tie it to your body and drag it behind you when crawling to your position. For moving in the field when stealth is not as big an issue, you can attach the included backpack straps. When a more administrative mode of carry is appropriate, the grab handle or shoulder strap is available.

Whichever mode you carry, this drag bag offers you weapon 360-degree padding. The high-density closed-cell foam is designed to protect your weapon from impact and help preserve your zero.

To ensure the best fit, we recommend that you measure the overall length of your rifle. This bag is intended to for scoped rifles between 50 and 60 inches long. If your rifle is less than 50 inches long, we recommend the Voodoo Tactical sniper rifle drag bag, which is ideal for the Remington 700 and similar rifles.