Light Hunting rifle: All Models have a barrel-changing system, direct trigger, illuminated open sight, 3+1 round magazine 2 rounds for magnum.The magazine clicks in on the rest on both sides. Spare magazine optional 5 (4 magnum) rounds), caliber changing-system, also between standard and magnum calibers by changing of the bolt head. Stock made of selected walnut wood with rose wood tips, elegant fish scale checkering The style is Monte Carlo. VOERE-Safety Bolt. Meaning the rifle can be carried loaded but uncocked. Only by pressing a button the rifle is ready to shoot. Once you want to decock simply release the button and the rifle is loaded but uncocked, noiseless.

 Technical Data: • Action: new designed action with 3 locking lugs for easy barrel / caliber exchange. • Barrel & caliber changing system: without tools • Trigger: direct trigger (option Set Trigger) • Finish: 3+1 shot magazine depending on caliber ( 2+1 shot with magnum calibers); high quality material and grooved action bolt for maximum security. • Sights: illuminated open sight • Stock: walnut stock with rubber butt plate, elegant fish scale checkering. • Interchangeable stock: wooden stock, match stock, synthetic stock • Safety: VOERE safety cocking system.

Multiple calibres available.