Tikka T3x Sporter Rifle


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T3x Sporter
Tikka developed the ultimate target rifle in cooperation with the Finnish Hunting and Sporting Association – the Tikka T3x Sporter. Based on certain design parameters, they have built a rifle that is capable of performing at the highest level of competition while simultaneously functioning as a hunting rifle. 

The rifle features a laminated stock which is purpose built and practical when it comes to ergonomic characteristics and versatility. It has a four-way adjustable cheek piece for optimal scope alignment, and an adjustable recoil pad to accommodate your preferred length of pull. The Tikka T3x Sporter also has various rail placements that will allow the rifle to be carried biathlon style. It is practical, purpose-oriented and provides you with the same performance and accuracy of all Tikka T3x rifles.

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222, 223, 260, 308, 6.5×55

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