The Steiner Nighthunter has been synonymous with Best Hunting Binoculars for Hunters for over a decade. And now this success continues and move into a new generations. Developed with new standard in light transmission, as extraordinary quality and innovation are Steiner’s clear promises to the hunters around the world, these binoculars have been optimised even further for the specific requirements of hunting at night and dusk.

The unique optics and admirable ease of use guarantee contrast-rich and strain-free observation in extreme still hunting situations. The optical system is now constructed with new special types of glass that, together with the high-quality coating is characterised by their unchallenged light transmission properties.

Sometimes known by other names, the Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 8×56 Binocular is also known as theSteiner Predator C5. Rest assured that no matter what they’re called, these binoculars will deliver unparalleled performance. 

The Night Glass

The Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 8×56 Binocular has incredible light gathering capabilities. The unique optics and admirable ease of use guarantee both contrast-rich and strain-free observing – even in the most extreme of hunting situations. 

Now constructed with a new type of glass – which, when combined with top-quality coatings – delivered unchallenged light transmission properties for the richest, brightest pictures possible.

Highest Light Transmission

The Steiner Nighthunter Xtreme 8×56 Binoculars has been built with novel Diamond-Night Coating, able to provide the unattainable light transmission over the entire colour spectrum. Now you can see completely clear and bright images that not been possible before, at night even in the twilight.

Steiner Night Hunter Transmission

Automatic Focus System

With the new Sports Auto Focus system, the Steiner Nighthunter will keep all objects in focus once they’ve been set , the image remains crystal clear from a distance of 20 yards (18m) to infinity, without refocusing. The Steiner Nighthunter Binoculars will provide hunter a big advantage at night, now hunter can target even faster and more precisely, a key element to success in hunting.

Rugged Construction

All Nighthunter Xtreme binoculars have been engineered for several lifetimes of rugged use. They’ve been constructed to U.S. mil spec standards for shock, fog, and waterproof performance, and include a 30-year limited warranty.

Standard Accessories Included:

  • ClicLoc neck strap (strap attachment)
  • Rain protection cap
  • Objective lens cover
  • A carrying case