Type of gun: Lever-Action
Caliber: 45-70
Action: Falling Block
Barrel Length: 32″
Feeding: Manual
Trigger System: Double
Stock: Checkered Walnut w/ Patch Box
Forend: Checkered Walnut
Front Sight: Dovetail Blade
Rear Sight: Ladder
Sight: Adjustable
Weight: 14 lbs
Lenght: 49″
Finish: Color Case Receiver/Blued Barrel
Material: Steel
Lever Style: Standard Lever
Extraction: Extractor

The Sharps is an iconic rifle made famous on the plains and high deserts of the American West and in Hollywood. Chiappa Firearms’ Sharps rifles capture the true craftsmanship and nostalgia of the original design with modern manufacturing. All metal parts are CNC machined for precision performance and target grade accuracy. The colour case finished receivers are mated to classic octagonal barrels. Beautiful walnut stocks are finished and fit by hand to each barrelled action by craftsman for true custom rifle performance, appearance and quality. The Sporting and Business models feature octagonal barrels and double set triggers while the Infantry, Cavalry and Carbine models feature round barrels and single triggers. Sharps rifles are available in .45-70 Gov’t.