The RCBS Grand is intended for the shotgunner who requires accurate, precision ammo.

The operator starts a hull at station 1 and insert a wad in the wad guide at station 4. All other functions are performed automatically.

Once in full operation, a loaded shotshell is dispensed with each pull of the handle.


  • Universal case holders for easy removal or insertion of hulls at all stations. Allows sizing the metal portion of the hull down to the rim.
  • A simple auto indexing system. It’s easily removable for those who prefer manual indexing – pull the pin and the unit slips out in one piece.
  • Steel sizer ring provides complete resizing of high and low base hulls – a feature not found on most other shotshell presses.
  • The tilt-out wad guide is spring-loaded for easy, convenient feeding of wads. The wad guide is designed for use with Federal or your favourite brand of wads.
  • Priming system feeds one primer at a time and is extremely reliable – no double – stacked primers, no overturned primers and no skipped primers.
  • Case activated powder system – no hull, no powder dropped and therefore no spillage, and there is no need to manually turn the powder on and off.
  • Case activated shot system which means no hull, no shot and best of all, no spillage.
  • Interchangeable shot bushings are changed in about 30 seconds, and are available for most popular charge weights and shot sizes.


  • Conversion kits available for quick and easy changing from 12 gauge to 20 gauge (or vice versa)


  • Hornady shot bushings are also compatible with THE GRAND charge bar
  • The shot hopper has a capacity of 25lbs of shot
  • The powder hopper has a capacity of 1lb of powder
  • Universal case holders allow loading of just one hull at a time without fear of spilling powder or shot
  • Includes charge bar and bushing for 16 grains of Unique powder and 7/8 oz load of 7-1/2 shot