A 3 pack including some of Nordik Predator’s most popular fox calls; Crying Bird, Fox Heat and Mini Predator.

Nordik Crying Bird
The Nordik Crying Bird is specially developed to imitate bird distress sounds which are very effective in calling foxes and other such predators. Valued at $34.95 RRP.

Nordik Fox Heat
The Nordik Fox Heat is specially developed for calling foxes that are out searching for a partner during the mating period. It is also effective during other seasons for foxes that defend their territory. Some foxes answer to the call, others come silently. Valued at $34.95 RRP.

Nordik Mini Predator
This call can produce a wide variety of rodent sounds, differing from the Nordik Predator ‘Pre-tuned’ with a smaller sound board and thinner membrane. Valued at $24.95 RRP.