After meticulously studying the original blueprints, in conjunction with the knowledge of firearm design in the 21st century, it was clear that there can only be one goal: Build the best or nothing at all!
And so it was clear: On a system where there is almost nothing to improve in terms of its construction, the optimisation is limited to the smallest of details.  First and foremost is the selection of better materials, unbeatable accuracy of modern manufacturing techniques, utilization of the latest surface-treatment technologies and finally the watchful eye of experienced gunsmiths whose skills are the critical difference between then and now. The new MAUSER 98 STANDARD presents itself as a technical milestone in the field of custom-made rifles. From the fully-milled action made of special steel, cold-hammered forged barrel, optimised trigger, plasma nitride steel parts, front sling swivel,  front and rear sight on the barrel ring and finally a horizontal three-position safety system which functions precisely. Each rifle is unique and its parts coordinate meticulously with each other. Not to mention the beauty of the shot path alone shows that MAUSER has achieved its goal.

Calibre: 7×57, 8x57IS, 9,3×62, .308 Win., .30-06
Barrel length: 56 cm
Overall length: 110,5 cm
Weight: 3,65 kg
Magazine capacity: 5+1
Surface: Black, plasma nitrided
Open sight: open sights- M98 style
Stock: Walnut 5, stained dark, matt oiled