Even the legends of African big game hunts knew exactly what to rely on in the savannah and dense bush: either the powerful double-barrel rifle, or the bolt action rifle with virtually indestructible MAUSER Magnum action.
The new MAUSER 98 MAGNUM follows this tradition clearly in every detail. There is no challenge to great.  Based on a fully milled double square bridge system, this big game classic is manufactured to the highest quality and perfection in the same way as the MAUSER 98 STANDARD. The double cross-bolting as well as the slightly longer stock are the answer to the fact that its chamber will be filled by either a .375 H&H Magnum, a .416 Rigby or even a .450 Rigby. This means that the big game hunter holds a rifle in their hand which, along with its supreme reliability and its uncompromising firepower, provides exactly the spare capacity with its six (-375) or five-shot (.416 and .450) which is a clear advantage over a double-barrelled rifle.  And, thanks to the legendary long MAUSER extractor and the sensational lock action, the next shot is safely and quickly at the ready.

Calibre: .375 H&H Mag., .416 Rigby, .450 Rigby
Barrel length: 62 cm
Overall length: 118 cm
Weight: 4,6 kg
Magazine capacity: 4+1
Surface: Black, plasma nitrided
Open sight: open sights- M98 style
Stock: Walnut 5, stained dark, matt oiled