The Hardcore Hardware Australia® LFK Series tools are designed primarily as overt carry, easy to reach back- up knives with superior cutting capabilities. Due to its size and weight, the LFK is an ideal choice where space on an assault platform may be limited. These heavy-duty blades also bridge the gap where full-sized, fixed blade knives may be unmanageable, and a folder a poor compromise. 

The LFK-08 full tang construction is expertly machined from 6mm (0.23”) D2 tool steel, and has a robust Teflon coating and spine jimping section for secure thumb pressure. The Wharncliffe point design offers exceptional strength, yet allows optimal manoeuvrability. 

The LFK-08 also features a full bevelled edge treatment and glass-break pommel. The non-slip, ergonomic, G10 handle scales offer a positive and comfortable grip, and are secured with Torx screw, all steel fittings. 

Personalised mounting is critical for instinctive and swift deployment. Therefore, the LFK-08 Kydex® ambidextrous sheath uses an integrally moulded friction lock for tool retention and Tek-Lok™ mounting system for belt carry, which can be customised in vertical or horizontal positions. The provision of eyelet holes along both sides of the blade carrier facilitates alternative attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties. 

Engineered to outlast and outperform any available competitor in its class, the LFK-08 is made with purpose, and is influenced by the diverse daily requirements of active duty personnel and the environments they serve in.

The LFK-08 is a non-prohibited design; please check your local State laws in relation to edged tool ownership and carry.