Hardcore Hardware Australia’s® (Battle Field Tomahawk) is a no nonsense piece of equipment. At nearly half a meter (18.4”) in length, this behemoth sets the benchmark in modern, tactical tomahawk construction and design. 

Primarily engineered as a MOE tool, the size and weight of the BFT-01 allows for extreme penetration/demolition of most common industry building materials including light steel and brick. Break chain links, defeat deadbolts, puncture steel radial tyres or cut panels from car doors – nothing stands between you and your objective with a BFT-01. 

This classic tomahawk offers a virtual full handle encapsulation with its G10 handle scales. These are slightly tapered and suitably textured for maximum double-handed grip, whilst remaining comfortable during prolonged use. 

The extended and exposed handle pommel can be utilised as a pry and incorporates dual lanyard holes for the attachment of a small carabineer or rope fastening point. 

The BFT-01 is expertly constructed from D2 tool steel. This material choice was introduced by Hardcore Hardware Australia® to the impact tool category. D2 has since proven itself operationally as a resilient, rugged and reliable steel for hard use applications. The BFT-01 is finished in a robust, low-viz Teflon coating. 

Personalised mounting is critical for an instinctive and swift deployment, consequently the BFT-01 Kydex® ambidextrous sheath comes with pre-fitted Molle-Lok’s™ designed to integrate specifically with most popular assault platforms. Included is a Tek-Lok™ belt/strap mounting system that can be customised in vertical, horizontal or angled positions. The provision of eyelet holes along both sides of the blade carrier facilitates alternate attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties. A friction lock system holds the tomahawk snugly in its sheath, added retention is offered via a quick release safety strap with press-stud. 

The BFT-01 is a non-prohibited design; please check your local State laws in relation to edged tool ownership and carry