Those of you who are regular readers of Wild Deer & Hunting Adventures magazine will have already been captured by Gerard’s style of writing an absorbing story that puts you alongside him as he continues his wilderness hunting adventures. 

As for the content of this Gone Hunting publication Gerard has structured the mix of personal and hunting life to flow in an interesting manner that will see you unable to put the book down without a quick glance at the next chapter, then; an alluring introduction will see you once more drawn back into the story. 

There is more to hunting than just firing a shot, there is also more to the hunter’s life than success on the hill. This book by Gerard will convince you that he has an extremely interesting story to tell, and has told it very well. 

If some filmmaker with imagination that is unafraid of the subject of hunting reads this book, it could well be an ideal vehicle for them to show both sides of a hunter’s persona. 

Essentially I found, that once I commenced reading, it was a book that commanded that it not be put down until finished. You may find that after you have finished the read you will be packing the vehicle and inspired to be “Out There Do’in It In the Mountains.”

Available in soft cover book, or Audio Book CD format.