Back by popular demmand is our camouflage Sweet Talker duck call, however this time we have used our very own FowlCam pattern and our local hydrographer has once again done a fantastic job tranforming these calls ino a camo masterpiece. FowlCam was develeped a number of years ago with an aim to provide a more realistic pattern for duck hunters in Australia through the use of native vegetation commonly found on or local swamps.

As per the original orange version, the FowlCam patterned “Sweet Talker” has been designed and tested right here in Australia. Each call has been individually assembled and tuned by the Fowl Talkers to ensure it sounds right and talks the talk, straight out of the box.

The benefit of this double reed “Sweet Talker” is that it allows you to get the volume needed to draw in those distant birds when hunting on large open waters, while also providing the down-low subtle tones when working birds in close.

While this call has been primarily designed as a Pacific Black Duck call, it’s versatility allows the calls of Mountain Duck, Wood Duck, Grey Teal and Chestnut Teal to be replicated.