The X-Bolt Pro Hunter Grade 5 Threaded is packed with proprietary technical features that deliver a near “custom” rifle shooting experience: the bolt body and handle are fluted for a killer look. The barrel is hand-lapped to “custom” quality levels. Finally, all the metal components are given a Tungsten Cerakote finish for guaranteed friction, abrasion and corrosion resistance.


  • High-Precision Barrel – The fluted barrel on the X-Bolt Pro ensures it stays cool and reduces weight. The barrel lapping process polishes away any traces of machining work, improving accuracy and reducing fouling.
  • Fluted Bolt and Bolt Handle – The externally fluted bolt and bolt handle proide smoother action for a rapid shot.
  • Cerakote “Tungsten” Finish – The X-Bolt Pro is Cerakote finished on all its metal components (including the optics) and on the magazine floor plate. The result is better resistance against any type of friction, abrasion and corrosion.
  • Double Bedding – A free-floating barrel is essential for utmost accuracy. The X-Bolt Pro’s free-floating barrel is perfect due to double bedding. I.e. positioning of the barrel/breech block assembly at two points with respect to the forearm, at the front and at the rear.

Available in 308Win and 30-06Spg only.