• Italian manufacture
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 chokes supplied
  • Hard case included
  • Steel proofed
  • Heavily engraved and gold inlayed sideplates
  • Hi-Grade Walnut Gloss finished

BETTINSOLI’S shotguns represent the best compromise between the ancient tradition of gun makers in Gardone Val Trompia to the modern technology provided by CNN machinery. The selection of excellent raw materials and state of the art surface treatments, as well as the precision in the final assembly, enable BETTINSOLI to offer a product where value for money is really unbeatable.

All the guns are subject to a forced test at 1370 Bar and then, the National Proof House in Gardone V.T. performs a forced test with steel shot cartridges to test the functioning and the endurance of the materials used. The barrels used in the Bettinsoli guns are made from chromium molybdenum steel, which are drilled and reamed with special geometry to guarantee the maximum elasticity and excellent ballistic performance.