Beretta DT 11 TRAP Shotgun


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Beretta is proud to announce the launch of the new competition shotgun DT11.

Born from the legendary DT10 Trident, the Beretta competition over and under that has collected more medals in competition than any other shotguns, the new DT11 will astonish you with its qualities and performance.

New Steelium Pro barrels, a new look, a new balance thanks to the wider receiver, ergonomics controls, the attention to detail in full respect of design and aesthetics: nothing has been left to chance.

Not a play on words, but rather Beretta philosophy: Creating product with the shooter in mind, they make the podium, thanks to attention to detail. New adjustable trigger Designed for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. The trigger can be easily adjusted and finely tuned into position. The prominent “DT” removable trigger group Removal of trigger group occurs in three distinct steps and the detachment is possible only when the shotgun is safely broken open. 


The specific point of impact has been carefully considered in designing the DT11. While the models for Trap, Skeet and Sporting have a common central point of impact, the models designed for American Trap are characterized by a high point of impact. The mass is correctly distributed to allow the shotgun to have a mass center coaxial with the bottom barrel, eliminating muzzle raise and affording faster target acquisition on the second shot. The “V” shape mainsprings assure lightning-fast lock times and ultra crisp trigger pulls.

The new Beretta DT11 barrels boast a new internal profile with a unique, progressive conicity resulting in:

  • A super reliable cross-bolt locking system
  • The increase of the receiver side wall thickness which adds weight in the baricenter (+ 3 mm) to en hance stability while swinging
  • The width and shape of the extractors which allows shells to be consistently ejected in a timely and efficient manner
  • The fore-end irons interchangeable nut, treated for resistance, which guarantees the perfect barrel to fore-end fit, year in and year out
  • The interchangeable barrel locking shoulders
  • A Highly resistant, nickel-based surface finish.

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DT 11 TRAP Comp Fixed Choke (Barrel-30), DT 11 TRAP Comp Fixed Choke (Barrel-32)

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