8mm Shoot No Shoot Kit + IPSC Silhouette Head Only

    •  Instant confirmation of hit or miss – Audio “PING”.

    • Target systems are modular, simply add on any head to create your collection of target systems!

    • Bisalloy Steel targets give excellent service life –

    • No frequent trips downrange to change targets

    • Not affected by rain, wind, or weather conditions

    • Fast target changes – quick spray with inexpensive spray paint

    • Easy to assemble & easy to transport/portable

    • Made in Australia!

    • Fun to shoot!

The Black Carbon Shoot No Shoot mounting bracket and targets can be used on any 600, 900, 1200 and 1500 high upright stands.
The Shoot no shoot bracket holds both the 8mm IPSC 100% full size IPSC silhouette target and the 8mm Large (150mm) flip paddle.

The Target and mounting system is connected using thick polyurethane spacers, washers, Stainless cup head bolts and flanged Nyloc nuts.

This hardware is extremely important for not only securing your targets but also gives extended life to your target systems and stands.
Manufactured from Bisalloy® 500 (also referred to as Bis500) for extremely long life and excellent impact resistance.
Super easy to install, only takes minutes, great value for money, simply add to your existing set.

The Upright Target System includes: 
– 1 Large 150mm diameter paddle 8mm
– 1 IPSC 100% IPSC Silhouette Target 8mm thick
– 1 Shoot No Shoot paddle pivot bracket assembly
– 1 Paddle pivot retainer bracket
– 2 Hex Nyloc nuts
– 2 Stainless Cup head bolts
– 2 Flat washer
– 2 Polyurethane spacer

Note: Upright Stand is not included in this bundle.