Gun Safes in Melbourne

Our large range of gun safes makes it easy to find a storage solution that suits your needs. Whether you have a small or large collection of firearms, our storages options ensure that your rifle, pistol and ammunition storage needs are met.

Quality Gun Safes – Australia Wide Distribution

In Australia, if you own a firearm you are required to keep it in an approved gun safe. Besides staying on the right side of the law, a gun safe will protect your firearm from theft as well as keeping it clean and dust free. It’s important to also remember that amminition should be stored separately.

The Importance of Storing Firearms in a Gun Safe in Melbourne

If you own a gun for hunting, target practice, personal protection or just as a collection. It’s vitally important that you store them correctly. Safes are the ideal spot to store firearms, especially those intended for personal protection usage and often remain loaded with ammunition at all times.

We Offer the High Quality Gun Safes that Comply with all Australian Standards and Regulations

Speak to our dedicated team of experts today and let them help you choose the right gun safe. With a wide range of gun safes, Gun Emporium offer leading protection that also gives you peace of mind.

Brands We Stock

At Gun Emporium, we stock only the best names in gun storage including Buffalo River, Cabela’s, Lokaway Safes and Spika. View our range online or in store today.

Protecting Your Investment

The multitude of functions that a gun safe offers means that it should be considered just as seriously as the firearm itself. At Gun Emporium we know all about different safe models and brands as well as what the Australian requirements are. If you have recently acquired your firearm license, or considering purchasing one, drop by our Melbourne showroom and our team of experts can guide your in the right direction.

Important Things to Look For in Rifle Storage

There are a few things that you should consider when purchasing a quality gun safe, and they are durability, locking mechanisms and be able to be fixed to the ground.

If you still aren’t sure what type of storage you need for your firearm or what is required, drop by Gun Emporium in Melbourne and our team will be able to help you make a selection that suits your requirements and budget.