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Want to Shoot Like the Pros Do?

Gun Emporiums’ staff can provide expert advice on what shooting supplies you should buy and how to use them at either one of Melbourne’s shooting ranges or out in the field.

Guns, Ammunition and Shooting Supplies

Purchase all your ammunition, guns, shooting supplies and shooting accessories from us today. Choose from a wide range of dependable, brand name guns including shotguns, handguns and rifles. And don’t forget all your shooting range essentials such as ear and eye protective gear.

Shooting Supplies Melbourne

Whether you are a target, sporting or recreational shooter, Gun Emporium stock a range of the gear that you need to get started. We also offer a diverse range of reloading components, ammunition, primers, powders, bullets and wads to meet all your hand loading needs, firearms and shooting accessories and consumables – we stock everything to keep you going and keep you shooting.

In store, we carry a huge selection of guns from trusted brands like Beretta, Carlson, Marlin, Rossi, Winchester and many more. Get the firearm you need for hunting, home safety, competitive shooting and more at our Melbourne store.

With Everything You Need in the One Store You Can Rely on Gun Emporium to Keep You Stocked Up!

Our products and services include ammunition, books and videos, firearm accessories, hunting and fishing licenses, magazines, scopes/rails, reloading components for shotguns, pistols and rifles and even a range of targets.

Target Shooting Supplies to Make Life Easier

There are a host of shooting supplies that can make your experience at the shooting range safer and more rewarding. And since firearms are a major investment, you’ll also want to ensure you have all the shooting supplies needed to protect your gun and it keep it in proper working order. Ask in store today about what our experience staff recommend you carry in your shooting bag.

Cleaning Supplies

To keep you shooting on target, and your gun clean and functioning properly, we supply firearm cleaning supplies including cleaning kits, cleaning rods, brushes, solvents and lubricants.

Hunting – It’s in Our Blood

We are locals, hunters, shooters, men and women. We know and understand what it is that you need to participate in your outdoor lifestyle. We are here to help and if he haven’t got what you are looking for – we’ll get it for you.

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