Selecting the right hunting boot

A great explanatory video from Hunters Element explaining what to look for in a hunting boot. Why a full shank is better for carrying loads, what the rand on the sides of the boots is for and how boots are made waterproof. A bit long winded but a great no nonsense video on selecting the right boot for your hunting.

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Getting ready for your best deer season ever

    Getting ready for your best deer season ever!   While in many cases there is no defined closed season for deer hunting in Australia, it certainly slows down quite a bit over the summer months, when we swap our rifles and bows for our rods and go fishing. But now is not the time to forget about you passion for hunting, now is the time to start getting ready for your best season ever! Starting with yourself, being fit is a sure way to make your hunting more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than struggling for breath after walking up a hill to your favourite glassing spot, let alone the arduous task of packing out that trophy [...]

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