Getting ready for your best deer season ever

While in many cases there is no defined closed season for deer hunting in Australia, it certainly slows down quite a bit over the summer months, when we swap our rifles and bows for our rods and go fishing. But now is not the time to forget about you passion for hunting, now is the time to start getting ready for your best season ever!

Starting with yourself, being fit is a sure way to make your hunting more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than struggling for breath after walking up a hill to your favourite glassing spot, let alone the arduous task of packing out that trophy of a lifetime that you are aiming for this year. Set some time away to look after yourself. Getting yourself “hunt fit” is as easy as humping some hills while you do your pre-season scouting, or doing some form of regular exercise program. You know the areas you hunt in, so you know how fit you really ought to be. Get out there and burn off that Christmas pudding.

Making sure you have all your gear in good working condition is paramount for a good hunting experience also.

Making sure your firearm or bow is clean, serviced and working as it should be is probably the most important thing you can do. Check everything is working properly and does not need replacing is the first step. Spend some time cleaning it properly; make sure things that require lubrication have a good quality lubricant on it. When you are happy that it is as good as it’s going to get, take some time and get to the range to make sure you can put the bullet or arrow where they are supposed to go. If you are thinking of upgrading your hunting rifle or bow, get in while the suppliers have stock and you have some time to spare setting it up and getting it the way you like it before your season starts.

Now is a good time to get your preferred ammunition sorted and into the safe before it all disappears off the shelves, or make sure you have a fresh set of arrows and the broadheads are all razor sharp and balanced.

Make sure you check all your other gear as well, things that require batteries will need checking, straps on packs that need mending or replacing is something that is often overlooked until it fails, usually in the middle of the bush when you need it most. Drag out your entire stock of clothing and get it washed in a UV free detergent and put in a scent free bag to reduce the odours of your house or garage. Put it into “kits” ready for your hunting needs to make sure you are not missing anything. Check it all still fits and is in good condition. If anything is looking a bit suss, it is a good time to update or replace your hunting clothing as well, get in before the mad rush while there is plenty of gear in shops, in the sizes you want. If it’s not in stock you have the time to order it in, with plenty of time to spare before the cooler weather starts to show up.

Now is not the time to become a couch potato, it’s the time to start sorting yourself out for your best hunting season ever!